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Dr Dean

Why choose Us?

We believe in patient centred care

Modern medicine often leaves patients confused with more questions than answers. We strive to empower and guide our patients in the process of providing exceptional eye care.

Attention to detail

Ophthalmic surgery requires precision and attention to the smallest details. Our Doctors equipped with state if the art equipment will ensure your eyes are well looked after.

Reasonable pricing

We are conscious of the escalating cost of medical care. We strive to give our patients a high quality care at an appropriate price point.

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Meet Your Doctor's

Dr. Morgon Hayes


Dr. Dean van der


Dedicated to providing specialized eye care of the highest standard

Areas of Expertise


High quality cataract surgery using modern techniques and precision lenses


High blood sugar levels often causes blindness, but it doesn't have to


Expert medical and surgical care to keep your pressure in check

Dry Eye

A very underestimated condition that can cause mild discomfort to corneal scarring and blindness


In an emergency you need good help fast.


Blepharitis, allergic eye disease, tearing eyes

Specialized diagnostics

For screening, monitoring and diagnosing. Modern, up to date state of the art equipment

It’s not just about seeing, it’s about having vision

Patient centred quality care