Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

About us

Committed to helping Lowveld patients since 1970

History of Nelspruit Eye Institute

The beginning:
Dr Roelie van Rooyen
1974 - 1986
The legacy continues:
Dr's Louw and Wilms
1986 - 2020
Standing on the shoulders of Giants:
Dr's van der Westuizen and Hayes
2020 - present

Serving the Lowveld for over 40 years

The Nelspruit eye Instititute was birthed by Dr Roelie van Rooyen as a solo practice in 1974, after which it was taken over by Dr Danie Louw in 1986. He was later joined by Dr Carl Wilms in 1989. Together they built The Nelspruit Eye Institute into a centre of excellence in the Lowveld.

Dr Louw and Dr Wilms, now retiring from private practice, are handing over the reins to Dr Dean van der Westhuizen and Dr Morgan Hayes who aspire to continue the legacy that has already been established. 

Nelspruit Eye Institute has a vision for a clearer future, for the institution itself and for the patients it serves.

Place of the rising sun

Mpumalanga means “Place of the rising sun”. Like the City of Mbombela logo we included the sun in our logo which represents the warmth of the people of the City. It symbolises a new day and the rejuvenation of life. 

Without light there is no sight. We hope to rejuvenate and treat the eyes of Mpumalanga so they can enjoy the magical sights in this beautiful area. 

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Committed to improving sight in the “Place of the rising sun”

Continuing the Legacy