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Introducing Tersia, our seasoned Theatre Manager with 23 years of dedicated service at the Eye Institute. Tersia excels in overseeing surgical bookings and facilitating theatre procedures. Her profound knowledge of ophthalmology, coupled with kindness, work ethic, and a willingness to assist those in need, embodies values deeply cherished by our team.

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Introducing Magdel, our esteemed Accounts and Administrative Manager, boasting over 23 years of dedicated service at the Eye Institute. Magdel’s positive and devoted manner, coupled with a gentle and compassionate spirit, creates a welcoming atmosphere for every patient.

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Introducing Michaela, a delightful trilingual certified ophthalmic assistant proficient in English, Afrikaans, and Portuguese. Michaela adeptly supports the doctors at Nelspruit Eye Institute by conducting precise investigations, contributing to the seamless operation of the clinic.

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Introducing Shanell, the welcoming face and receptionist of our practice at the Eye Institute. Shanell greets visitors with utmost professionalism and warmth, contributing to a positive patient experience. Her proficiency in administration significantly enhances the daily workflow efficiency of our practice.

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Introducing Jeanley, our dedicated Practice Manager, characterized by a strong work ethic and motivation. Jeanley ensures the seamless functioning of the practice, consistently striving for a high standard of patient care. She proactively identifies areas for improvement to enhance efficiency, patient care, and overall performance.

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Introducing Alicia, a highly skilled Optometrist with a background in distinguished service at the Retina Surgery Centre in Johannesburg. In her capacity at NEI, she undertakes pivotal responsibilities encompassing patient care, administrative tasks, and the execution of refractions. Alicia is renowned for her amiable demeanour, benevolent nature, and outstanding interpersonal skills, reflecting her unwavering dedication to delivering exemplary healthcare to her patients.

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Introducing Goodness, a compassionate and devoted ophthalmic assistant committed to fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for patients. Beyond her clinical duties, Goodness extends exceptional care by attentively addressing patient concerns with a unique blend of technical proficiency and empathy. Her approach guides individuals through eye examinations with a focus on care, comfort, and precision.
Introducing Nikita, a passionate and dedicated ophthalmic assistant recently welcomed to our team. Nikita’s work is characterized by compassion and an unwavering commitment to excellence. She plays a pivotal role in the clinic, conducting preliminary eye exams, performing diagnostic tests, and assisting during in-room procedures.
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Introducing Tayla, our certified ophthalmic assistant who has brought a radiant spirit and a compassionate approach to our team that truly sets her apart. Tayla seamlessly combines professionalism with warmth, creating an environment where our patients feel not only well taken care of but genuinely understood. Her dedication to eye care is evident in every interaction, and her commitment to ensuring each patient feels cared for is truly commendable. Tayla’s positive impact extends beyond her technical skills; it permeates the entire team, uplifting everyone around her.