Your visit to Nelspruit Eye

A few things to know before your first visit

Consultation Information

To decrease any paperwork on the day of your consulation please fill in your details by CLICKING HERE. 

For directions CLICK HERE.

Eye problems vary widely and may require a variety of tests, special investigations and other information. Some of this will be collected prior to seeing the doctor and some tests may need to be performed after your consultation. For first consultations please arrive 15 minutes prior to your consultation to allow for any pre-consulations tests.

Dilating the pupils of the eye with eyedrops is commonly performed at the first consultation. This allows the doctor to view and evaluate your retinas. This will blur the vision for a few hours after the consulation making it difficult to drive. If it’s your first consult concider bringing and designated driver.

If you are using any medication(tablets or eye drops) please bring the names, or the medicaiton itself, so that the doctor can see what you are using. 

If you use contact lenses or glassess please bring them along too

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